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I Am For You: Leading and Supporting Others Through Understanding, Empathy and Action
We all want to surround ourselves with good people. We crave positive, supportive and energetic individuals to speak truth and life into our souls. And with the bulk of our days spent at work, we especially need positive relationships with our co-workers and educator peers. Together we can learn to lead and support each other through understanding, empathy, and action. Let’s be honest, the last two years have been a doozy; we need each other to lean on and help us navigate through the heaviness and everyday challenges life throws at us. Join Friendzy Co-founder Julie Widman and Senior Director Holly Winchell as they discuss how the Apostle Paul and Timothy's relationship can be used as a roadmap for meaningful connection with our co-workers and friends.


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Julie Widman
Co-Founder @Friendzy
Julie is fueled by coffee and energized by music; she leads with her heart and passionately teaches, equips, and writes about the power of SEL. Julie’s heartbeat is to help others foster authentic, genuine relationships. She is the co-founder of Friendzy, a comprehensive social-emotional learning program for schools PreK-8th grade. She is certified in SEL Leadership through St. Elizabeth University and thrives when working in partnership with dioceses and schools to provide direct support in fostering a positive climate and culture on campuses through Friendzy. Julie believes that teaching the biblical pillars of friendship will provide students with tools that will benefit them for a lifetime. When we learn friendship, we learn it for life.
Holly Winchell
Senior Director @Friendzy
Holly Winchell is the Senior Director of Innovation, Process and People Development at Friendzy and has been working in education and leadership development for nine years. As a music teacher, a director of volunteers, and now at Friendzy, Holly has cultivated a passion for equipping students and adults alike to lead well by harnessing the collective power of empathy, intention, skill and sparkle. Currently, Holly works alongside teachers and administrators, across the US and beyond, thoughtfully and strategically implementing school-wide social-emotional learning through the Friendzy program. Holly also puts her business degree to work as the Director of the HR and marketing departments at Friendzy. In her spare time Holly releases music as a singer/songwriter and is always ready for a chat about all things music and media, especially great albums, sci-fi literature and the NBA!